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Andrew Weatherall

Mr Weatherall’s latest album is out now on P-Vine Records (Japan) and Hoga Nord Rekords (rest of the world). Listen to the opening track ‘Evidence The Enemy’ via The Quietus and ‘Spreads A Haze (And A Glory)’ via XLR8R and you can order direct: double LP or cassette or CD the album is also available for download/streaming.


1.) Evidence the Enemy
2.) Darktown Figures
3.) Spreads a Haze (And a Glory)
4.) Saturday International
5.) Between Stations
6.) Soft Estates
7.) Selling the Shadow
8.) Vorfreude 2


NTS May 2019

  1. Disciple Of The Drone / Komodo Kolektif
  2. Finding Balance / Todd Modes
  3. Keep Me Hanging On (Hardway Bros Swamp Dub) / Dan Wainwright
  4. Pieles (Niv Ast Remix) / Tyu
  5. Fall Rise / Phil Kieran
  6. Gumba / The Populists
  7. Rubab / The Organism, Moscoman
  8. Repeat Offender / Rude Audio
  9. Music Revolution (Legsman Dub) / Prince Mohammed
  10. Open Up Your Dub / Jazzmin And Madtone
  11. Love / Syracuse
  12. Eyes / Speed For Lovers
  13. The Words / Short-Term Memory
  14. It's Coming / Colin Potter
  15. Lullaby / Paper Dollhouse
  16. Way Home / Delicate Features
  17. Hotel Room / David Chalmers
  18. Mary Malone Of Moscow / Dr. Strangely Strange
  19. Climb That Tree / She Trinity
  20. African Wah Wah / The Plattermen


News, events & releases


ALFOS & MNFE - Sat 15th June

‘A Love From Outer Space’ returns to The Berkley Suite for a summer session in mid-June.

ALFOS is preceded by a free Music’s Not For Everyone show with Marc Sts Donachy from 8pm.

Chinakis Bar, 239 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DL

The Berkley Suite, 237 North Street, Glasgow, G3 7DL
Tickets cost £10 +b/f and you can buy them here.


Silver Apples - Weatherall Remix

Andrew’s remix of ‘The Edge of Wonder’ (from the last album ‘Clinging to a Dream’) backs Simeon’s new studio-recorded, upgraded and augmented version of the 1968 classic ‘Oscillations’ by Silver Apples.

The EP is released on Record Store Day, 13th April, more info here.


Exclusive Weatherall track

Andrew’s track ‘Cosmonautrix’ appears on the CD and download versions of the forthcoming album celebrating twenty years of Rocket Girl.

He’s in good company with arists such as Füxa, God is an Astronaut, Silver Apples and Television Personalities supplying exclusive tracks.

The release date is 1st March and you can find more info on the Rocket Girl website.


Weatherall NTS show 2019 dates

Hopefully you’ve managed to catch Andrew’s shows on NTS, if not then past shows are archived here.

The shows are every four weeks and on air live from 1-3pm (UK) forthcoming shows are May 23rd, June 20th and July 18th. You can listen live online here.


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