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Andrew Weatherall

‘Convenanza’ is the sound of Andrew Weatherall looking back at the clutter of a life thoroughly lived and realising it’s too late to tidy it up in any meaningful way. Many years of listening to music with a unique ear has resulted in the disordered cabinet of highlights, touchstones, revelations and half recalled good times that make up being Lord Sabre.

Frankfurt Advice’s post funk punk rhythm takes a deep breath but soldiers on when the disquieting sound of the trumpet playing in the next room intrudes and remains firmly in control despite momentarily stumbling over an unruly guitar. The Confidence Man’s self-assured top line collapses in on itself and the loosened beats enjoy a gentle unrestrained boogie atop the solid bassline before the vocal’s final hymnic retreat.

The upside of Weatherall’s promiscuous attitude to music is the sheer joy when it all comes into focus on We Count The Stars. The trumpet returns but this time it’s the soaring sprit of the song which strains against a deeply anchored bassline. The message of abandonment in the verse is thwarted by the obstinate optimism of the key refrain and there’s a sense of resolution as the song ends and melds into the blissful Thirteenth Night.

Available on CD, double LP (1000 copies) and download.
Release date 26th February 2016.

CD available now from the RGC shop here.
Pre-order the LP here.
Pre-order the LP on white vinyl exclusively from Rough Trade.


01) Intro
02) Frankfurt Advice
03) The Confidence Man
04) The Last Walk
05) Kicking The River
06) Disappear
07) We Count The Stars
08) Thirteenth Night
09) Ghosts Again

Stream the whole album with the Guardian here.


Live at Antenna Studios

This set is from the Moine Dubh launch party this summer. Enjoy!

In the mix:

  1. The Optic Nerve / Death And Vanilla
  2. Outside Forever / Jacco Gardner
  3. Low Light / The Soundcarriers
  4. Just For Me / Manfred Mann
  5. Mission Desire / Jane Weaver
  6. Things In My Head / Pure X
  7. Observatory Crest / Captain Beefheart
  8. I Follow You / Melody's Echo Chamber
  9. Atlantic Postcard / The Holydrug Couple
  10. Game Love / Gulp
  11. Stranger In The Room / Michael Chapman
  12. That Old Space Rocket / Danny And The Champions
  13. To Live Is To Fly / Townes Van Zandt
  14. October Sun / Matt Berry
  15. A Pox On The Pioneers / Andrew Weatherall
  16. Fire / Landshapes
  17. La Fille De la Ligne / The Liminanas
  18. Nocturnal Emissions / Shilpa Ray
  19. 4 AM / The Fauns
  20. Witchi Tai To / Harpers Bizarre


News, events & releases


ALFOS - Sat 22nd October

A Love From Outer Space returns to Glasgow on Saturday 22nd October:
The Art School, 20 Scott St, G3 6PE
11pm – 3am
Tickets cost £9+b/f and you can buy them here.


Convenanza Festival - Carcassonne

Mr Weatherall and friends will be back in the amazing Carcassonne castle for his festival for three days from 29th September.

This is a truly special event, with a great line-up curated by the man himself. Check out all the info on the festival website here.

Tickets are available here.

Convenanza festival schedule


Serial Experiments mix

When our friends at Why People Dance asked Andrew to provide their 100th mix he was happy to oblige. In fact he made a two hour long set for them. Enjoy…

Listen on SoundCloud


Wilderness Festival - Sat 6th August

Andrew and Sean will be bringing their A Love From Outer Space night to Wilderness Festival in Oxfordshire. More info about the festival here and tickets available here.

View poster


The Social Festival - Fri 9th September

Finish off your summer in style and catch Andrew playing at the Social Festival in Kent. More info here and day or weekend tickets here.

The Social poster


Weatherall on Cowbell Radio

You can now hear Andrew’s appearance as guest host of the second hour of the Parabox radio show. He plays tracks which have influenced him in the past and still resonate today.

Listen on Mixcloud


Weatherall NTS show 2016 dates

Hopefully you’ve managed to catch Andrew’s shows on NTS, if not then past shows are archived here.

The shows are every four weeks and on air live from 1-3pm (UK) forthcoming shows are 4th August, 1st September and 29th September. You can listen live online here.


Weatherall mix for Phonica

Mr Weatherall has completed a rather fine mix for our friends at Phonica. It’s titled ‘Phonic-a-delic (A Trip Through the Back Wall)’ and gives a taste of some of the more esoteric records which they stock.

Listen here


Weatherall mix for Soundwall

Our friends at Soundwall magazine in Italy have uploaded a new mix from Andrew, you can listen to it here. I’ll leave it to Mr W to describe: “I recently had to re-locate my record library and it led to the culling of 6,000 records and hours of re-discovery as I unpacked what was left. I have recorded some of these listening sessions and they will be aired as a series entitled ‘The R.G.C. Library Archive Hour’.” This is number seven and we’ll post the other mixes as they appear online.


The Woodleigh Research Facility - out now

‘The Phoenix Suburb’ is the sound of Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh taking a disgruntled sine wave for a walk, throwing it sticks, skimming it on a rough sea and scrunching it up and leaving it at the bottom of a bag over a long weekend. It’s trying to cheer up D minor with ball games and scrabble, puppet shows with tutu’d ponies and frizzy haired gonks and clips of cavorting kittens before giving up and crushing it between rocks mined by sobbing orphans. It’s loading the hum kick and the ticky snare on a tandem and pushing them down the stairs. It’s the final note of Mahler’s 11th heard through an iphone’s earbuds then told its parents had died but why it should dance the polka anyway because life, of sorts, still goes on.

Available on double LP (1000 copies) on 8th January.

You can order the LP here or it will be available in all the usual shops.

The download release date will be 12th February.

An announcement from The Woodleigh Research Facility

Stream The Phoenix Suburb here


The Chairman's Second Quarterly Reading List

1. “On Silbury Hill” by Adam Thorpe.
A lovingly written exploration of the history and continuing resonance of the Wiltshire landmark.

2. “The Whites” by Richard Price writing as Harry Brandt.
Tightly written tales of redemptive murder investigated by veteran New York cops. A genre-transcending piece of work.

3. “The People” by Selena Todd.
A history of the British working class from 1910 to the present. The similarity in the attitudes to the poor then and now is chilling.

4. “Gertrude” by Herman Hesse
An exploration of love and art and the joy and pain that commitment to either or both brings.

5. “Athena” by John Banville.
More love and art but this time swirling around in a world of counterfeit and pretence.

6. “Station To Station” by James Atlee
Mr Atlee collects his laminated pass and travels the Great Western Line and manages to connect Arthur Rimbaud, Stanley Spencer, Diana Dors and Haile Selassie to name but a few.

7. “Night Walking” by Mathew Beaumont.
A literary based history of nocturnal wandering, exploration and transgression.

8. “The White Album” by Joan Didion.
Joan Didion writes in an attempt to make sense of her existence, in reading her we go some way to making sense of ours.

9. “Fatale” by Jean-Patrick Manchette
More redemptive murder but this time our protagonist is a femme fatale in the classic style. Hot blood and Gallic cool.

10. “The Nazi and The Psychiatrist” by Jack El-Hai.
Experiments in criminal psychology with those awaiting trial at Nuremberg as subjects leads one doctor to come to a frightening realisation, viewing leading nazis as victims of personality disorders is a way of ignoring a far more frightening fact that their lives reveal. The fact being that civilization is perilously fragile.



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